French Fry Cake


My son wanted to make a cake for his girlfriend’s birthday. We decided to make a French Fry cake which reads (Ermahgerd Furnch Fers) If you don’t get that……it is ok! If you want to, search Ermahgerd online.



We went with 2 layers of chocolate cake and a chocolate fudge filling. Place a rim of buttercream icing around edge to keep fillings in and to help close the gap the layers make, this makes it easier to ice.

crumb layer


Use buttercream to make a crumb coat layer of icing, this is your first layer that does not need to look pretty! Place in fridge for an hour and then begin icing cake or use fondant at this time if you choose, and cover cake.


note how second layer adheres better to crumb coat

Let the decorating begin!



For the fries we used store bought pound cake. Half of the loaf was shaped into fry package by hollowing out an area to make it look like a McDonald’s package. We covered this with icing and red fondant.

The other half was cut into fries using a waffle cut slicer. Hint work with frozen pound cake, this makes the shaping much easier.



Finish with icing and throw the fries around. Brenna and her cake! (it is bigger than she is!)

this is what happens when you eat too much cake!