Honey Rhubarb Cookies

I was asked to bake a cookie earlier this year for Better Homes and Gardens Facebook state cookie contest. This was the recipe I came up with, hope you enjoy it.



 The Cookie


1 c butter, at room temp

4 oz cream cheese, at room temp

1 c sugar

3/4 c brown sugar

1/4 c honey

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

4 c flour

1/2 c ground flax

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon



3 c diced fresh or frozen rhubarb

1 c sugar

1 tsp vanilla

3 Tbs cornstarch

2 Tbs water

red food coloring (optional)


Cream butter and cream cheese, add in sugars and honey. When incorporated add vanilla and eggs, mix well. In another bowl combine flour, flax, soda, powder salt and cinnamon, add to creamed mixture.

Place about 1 rounded Tablespoon of dough 2 inches apart on lightly greased cookie sheet.

Dip your finger in flour to prevent sticking and form a small well in the center of each cookie.





in medium saucepan over med high heat, place rhubarb and sugar. Note: to use frozen rhubarb   place in colander until thawed, do not press any extra moisture out.

Cook about 5-7 minutes until rhubarb is soft, add vanilla and food coloring. Mix water and cornstarch  add to pot, continue heating until thickened stirring constantly.


Fill wells with 1 Tbs of filling. Bake at 350 for 8-11 min.

Cool on wire rack. You may drizzle chocolate on top for a finishing touch.

The light nutty taste of the flax mixed with honey set a great base for the sweet rhubarb filling. If you do not have access to rhubarb you could add any fruit filling or jam. Makes 5 dozen.



Why rhubarb honey?

Did you know North Dakota is the leading honey producer in the United States?

Did you know rhubarb is a staple here! It is hard to find a yard without it growing in some corner. Rhubarb is a tart vegetable or fruit…the debate goes on. Usually because of the tartness lots of sugar is added to recipes which means..How can it be bad?

The leaves are poisonous so don’t eat them!

And did you know…

 Flax is a nutty grain full of good for you nutrients that…yep, North Dakota grows 90% of in the US!

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