Jack the Pumpkin Cake




Pumpkin cake, or Jack o Lantern if you prefer.


Make 2 bundt cakes, I used two different flavors for a little variety in the cake. One chocolate and one spice.

Prepare 1 batch of Buttercream icing and tint orange.

Layer cakes with generous amount of frosting between and crumb coat the entire cake




Next make or buy orange fondant

Roll and slice in strips long enough to cover cakes, cut some pieces irregular, adjusting as you work on cake.





Move around filling in random widths creating an uneven pumpkin surface.



Smooth with fondant smoother, a little water, perfection isn’t needed for this cake.

Tint a little fondant green for leaves and vines. Twist black licorice into a handle and stick into cake.




Fill the hole with candy



If you prefer to leave the Jack o lantern effect off your cake, your done…



or make or buy (buying is easier) black icing, You won’t need much but getting a true black can be difficult. Pipe on eyes, nose, and mouth.

imported from NorthDakotaKitchen .net