My First Trip to Costco





Yeah!! we have our first Costco in ND. Until now I had never even been in a Costco.

so…I kinda made my first trip a 3 day event.

First they had an open house, no membership required, look around try some samples etc. you just couldn’t purchase anything. That was great for the first peek, and let me tell ya- they were NOT chinsy with the samples!

We ate lots….and didn’t come close to trying everything!

The next day I took my husband to look around, and we got our membership, he did not want a cart. I should have gotten a cart, after over an hour of meandering in the wrong shoes, he asked if I then wanted to buy anything- uhm yeah, tomorrow because I was not walking around the store again with sore feet.

The next day- today I went shoppin’.

oh yeah…..


They had me at vanilla beans,


So until now, I have bought vanilla beans half this size for $3 a  piece, now here double the size, 10 of them for less than $12.  It’s a beautiful thing.


We just started making a batch of pomegranate cranberry wine, we bought a bottle of Pom juice about   half this size for $14 at the local grocery store, this 60 oz bottle???? $8!! I know!



A little Kirkland (their brand) cheese and some of the cutest pumpkin pasta-(my husband will not be interested)



Yummy Tzatziki sauce and olives with the pit still in them- my favorite way to eat olives


a ginormous pork loin and some mini beef wellington. Oh! I am so ready to cook!


a few veggies round out the groceries, I was a little sad because I wanted bananas and theirs were ripe, I like my nanners green, so I had to pass.


something to clean up after myself. 220 wipes for $8 great price!


I used my $10 sign up card credit and paid a total of $102. 10 vanilla beans and a smaller Pom juice alone would have been 45 bucks around here before.

They still were giving lots of samples, so I had a little lunch, stood around the Kuerig display waiting to try Nantucket blend, talked with a man from Bethlehem- We had a bit of a language barrier but we could speak of Christ and coffee and that was enough.



Yummy Yummy Yummy, this foodie loves Costco!

Do you have one? Have you been? What do you think?